Inspired by Picasso's "Constellations" drawings

 Notebook Covers

Inspired by the flag of Tierra del Fuego

From left to right: Magellanic , Chinstrap, Gentoo, Macaroni, Adelie

In addition to the while tiles, I like to use the 3.5" square Renaissance (tan) tiles and the 4  5/8" diameter Zendala circles. There are other "traditional" paper tile choices, but I also like working on other surfaces like scratchboards.

Many experienced tanglers create Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) on quilts, stones, seashells, sneakers,  doors, notecards, furniture, bikes, cars, china, glass, jewelry,  and/or whatever sparks their imagination. Sometimes artists combine Zentangle with realistic images, sculptures, and more. 

Really, the sky is the limit as to what you can draw on. So I also do traditional non-representational  art on tan notebook covers and scratchboards. I had the Ampersand company cut 3.5" squares boards for me. After I scratch I add watercolor... or not. 

I am inspired by things I see while traveling so I also created ZIA by combining realistic images with zentangle patterns.  Those, such as the  Penguins series below, always have a story that goes with them.


Magellanics raise their young in burrows. All penguins must  preen hours each day to maintain their feathers. I included a feather since they were blowing every which way on a small island covered with dirt burrows and young penguin families.
Chinstraps are constantly going up and down the snow covered hills to get and bring food to their young in their rock nest. Both parents share the parental responsibilities.
Gentoos are also rock nesters and are very territorial- guarding their egg(s) and young and stealing rocks from each other- again and again and again. 
• Adolescent male Macaroni penguins are forced to live on the outskirts of the colony on steep rugged shore rocks.

Gentoos spend much of their lives living on ice floes.

NOTE: The Antarctic is a desert with very little snowfall. Those are ice crystals in the dry air. 

December 2017- 12 Day Zentangle Challenge

Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) on Paper Tiles

​​​Zentangle & Me

Zentangle® Tilesin a variety of shapes & sizes

"Nature Tangles" on Opus Tiles (10.5" sq.)

Antarctic Penguin Series