In addition to the while tiles, I like to use the 3.5" square Renaissance (tan) tiles, the 4  5/8" diameter Zendala circles, and the 10.5" square Opus tiles. But I also like working on other surfaces like scratchboards, notebook covers, stationary and gourds. (There is another page featuring my gourds on this website.)

Really, the sky is the limit as to what you can draw on- quilts, stones, seashells, sneakers,  doors, notecards, furniture, bikes, cars, china, glass, jewelry,  and/or whatever sparks their imagination.

When artists combine Zentangle with realistic images, it's referred to as "Zentangle Inspired Art" (ZIA). I'm inspired by things I see while traveling so sometimes I also create ZIA . My "Antarctic Adventures" at the bottom of this page are ZIA.


Zentangle® Tiles in a variety of shapes & sizes

Tiles with color- paint, stains and ...

Antarctic Adventures

"Nature Tangles" on Opus Tiles (10.5" sq.)

Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA)

​​​Zentangle & Me

 Tan/Renassiance Tiles

December 2017- 12 Day Zentangle Challenge