Catchall Bowls 

various sizes with black & colored inks

A gourd owner says,"your gourd "has a presence of its own and brings you into its little story. When I look at it I see you working on it , concentrating, seeing “ahead”  how the story of the plants and their patterns should unfold, and I feel your peace in the the desert light." (Christine M.)

Sonoran Desert II

Celebrating the diversity of the Sonoran Desert. Among the stylized drawings and zentangles are more than 25 kinds of reptiles, flowers, animal tracks, plants. Life underground is where creatures go/live to escape the hot summer and/or the cold winters. (13" tall, 19" in circumference; part of a series)

Zentangle on Gourds

Mini Gardens 

on uncut gourds 

Small Gourds & Fun Shapes

I buy my gourds at Wuertz Gourd Farm in Casa Grande, AZ.  Waylon's gourd farm has grown from a childhood interest when he grew a few rows to about 35 acres each year.  The gourd portion of his farm is in a regular rotation with his other crops

My favorite surface to "tangle" on (other than paper) is gourds. I love the variety of shapes they grow in and the natural surfaces with their unique colorations, bumps and bruises.

In addition to gourds covered with non-representational art, I also create ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) with theme based designs such as: 
• Sonoran Desert Designs
• How does your Garden Grow? 
• A Tangle of Snakes​

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The bottom of each bowl covered with drawings.​
(approximately 4.5"-6.5" tall and 20"-23" circumference)