Moonlight on the Sisters

Arches National Park is a favorite place of mine. The moonlight just made the sandstone “Sisters” more fabulous than usual!

Visiting the Visitors

I’m sure I’ve walked by many Desert Tortoises, camouflaged by the rocks, the ground and the vegetation. However, I was able to both photograph and video this grand old soul. 


I was struck by the beautiful colors and the intricate fiber scaffolding of this decaying lotus leaves in a pond.

Zentangle Tiles

Looking for the Monsoon

Sweetie visited us for years. She liked treats, but also just likes hanging out- sitting on a large rock or on the fence watching over the neighborhood.

Last of the Sunshine

The line of parked cars at a “T” intersection near Jackson,WY signaled MOOSE- one of their favorite relaxing spots. A big lens and patience  got me the photo I used for this piece.


Scratchboard allows artists to produce highly detailed work and appeals to those of us who love the use of line. I use clayboards covered with India Ink, scratching with a variety of sharp tools while also experimenting with a variety of odd things like cotton balls with alcohol. The medium is surprisingly forgiving since you can add ink and scratch again when you make a mistake. I like to use layers of transparent watercolor which again can be altered with more scratching.