This Amazon family, their home and canoe are at one in their environment. 

Curiosity: Sandhill Crane
When I sat to take some pictures, this male started untying my shoes. I had to lie flat on my back to get far enough away to photograph with  the long lens I was using.


This 18th century Kino-period mission in Tumacácori, AZ is a National Historic Park. The on-going restoration turns up interesting archeology findings.

Good Morning, Sunshine
Though I’ve photographed thousands of saguaros in bloom, I remember exactly where this picture was taken as the sun was rising.

I print most of my photographs on paper for traditional framing. However, sometimes i print on canvas (stretched over a wood) and, more recently, on aluminum.

Spider’s Blue Moon
I coveted this spider web for months and then shot the “Blue Moon” of August 2014 through it.

The Sky Inside

The stairs end part way up this turret in the 12th century Chateau de Commarque, France. The blue sky is reflected on the inside walls above.

Hard at Work

A Sunday project outside his home in Havana, Cuba.

South Georgia Island

A storm on one side of the ship and a large pod of humpbacks on the other. What a delight.

Sweetie, a friendly young female roadrunner, heard us talking on the patio after a drenching rain. She chose to dry off on our fence.

Cairo Past and Present: Watermelon Man
The clash of centuries is dramatic in Cairo. Thousands of satellite dishes are visible from every hotel room. Donkeys pulling wagons filled with watermelons vie with cars for room on the narrow streets. The honking is endless. The Sphinx and the pyramids watch from the distance.

This is printed on aluminum to replicate the siding on this French boat house. It is splashed with the paint samples for the rebuilt and restored fishing boats. (I went back to look at it 5 years later. It is still a boat house, but one boring color.)

Needlework: Fishhook Barrel
These cacti have an intricate system of needles covering the 25 vertical ribs. On this hike, the light was just right to see the layers of needlework below.

I had the pleasure of walking with some Sandhill Cranes for several summers in Idaho.


You Missed it!
A performance art piece in Missoula, MT.

Denmark Morning
A peaceful view with a cup of coffee.


The morning light enhances this unusual and heart wrenching graffiti on a door window in Lisbon.