Sunflower II

Cairo: Past and Present

(Colored Pencil, photography & collage)

​Part of a series featuring the juxtaposition of ancient Egypt with the modern Egypt of satellite dishes and plastic laundry baskets.​

Sunflower III

Layered Mixed Media

Sunflower Series

Sunflower I

(Colored pencil, watercolor & collage)
A summer of drought, followed by no winter rains drew this bee to the water in my palette. The bee is raised off the surface and creates a its own shadow.with natural or artificial light.

I began combining various surfaces and materials because I was more interested in foreground details than the background.  After that, my brain just started coming up with different combinations. Many of my pieces are worked on both sides of multiple “papers” (including semi-transparent plastics) and might include gold or silver leaf. 

March of Time: Saguaros
(Colored & graphite pencil & photo)
The Tohono O’odham (Desert People) consider saguaros to be ancestors. Saguaro have ribs, which give them their shape and support their body and arms.

(Colored & graphite pencil, gold leaf and photography)
I am attracted to the backside of withering sunflowers. Each has its own story; each has its own personality.

Warming Up: Baja Lizard
(Colored pencil, photography & collage)

​This sunny rock at the Desert Museum was a favorite place for a visitor from Mexico. Alas, it was too cold even in Tucson, so it returned home.