Copper Kitchen Reflections
(Colored Pencil)
This kitchen still life is reflected in my favorite candy making copper pot.

Travel Journal pen sketching.

Grover's Lazy Sit (graphite)

Many drawing later, this is my third Bernese Mountain Dog.

Don’t Blink!
(Colored Pencil)
This ostrich was a cheeky fellow. Right after I took this photo he bit my camera lens. Unfortunately, not long after he bit a kid’s fingers; he survived and there was no blood.


Peppers: Sweet and Hot & Onions and their Relatives
(Colored pencil & Pastel)

​I think a meal without an onion (or at least a relative) is suspect. Peppers are also cooking requirements. Sweet and hot are both colorful and great tasting.​

Kissing Cousins: Chuckwalla

(Colored Pencil)

​I don’t know why I love lizards, but I do! I encountered one of these at Lake Havasu, AZ and the other the Desert Museum. The front third of each lizard is cut and is raised about 1” above the black mat. 

Drawing is the basis for all of my works. I love line and detail and worked exclusively in graphite and colored pencil for several years. Then I began experimenting and have become a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

Attention: Military Macaw
(Colored pencil)

This beauty visited one of my colored pencil classes.

Nelson: Always Watching (graphite)

This is my first drawing (1998) of my second Bernese Mountain Dog

Bleached (pen and ink)

This Desert Tortoise shell, tucked under a rock ledge, was bleached from the rising eastern sun and was disintegrating section by section.